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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning Brushes

Our chimney cleaning brushes are of the highest quality. Most brushes are available in heavy duty, poly, or flat wire.

The Heavy Duty round wire brushes are not as stiff as the Flat Wire brushes and used in various types of applications.

The Poly brushes are made of .075" stiff, black, polypropolene bristles that withstand the acidic effects of coal, oil, and gas flues, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Flat Wire brushes are ideal for those hard to clean situations where a more durable scraping brush is required. The flat wire brush is recommended for cleaning performed from the roof only.

Our chimney cleaning rods are of Professional Duty standard and are .440" fiberglass.  These are probably the only rods you will ever need.

We also have creosote removers available.

The Fireplace & Chimney Store strongly recommends having a Certified Chimney Sweep inspect and clean your chimney every year.  We make these products available to those who insist on cleaning their own chimney.