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SuperPro Class-A Chimney System

SuperPro features 304-alloy stainless steel for both its inner and outer walls.  The mineral wool insulation is formulated fro optimum performance while dramatically reducing chemically active ingredients.  It provides a thermal delay that resists and contains surges of heat, keeping the outer liner cooler.  SuperPro couplers are embossed which reduces moisture penetration, increasing longevity of the chimney.

With these features, Selkirk Products is so confident in SuperPro that they offer a lifetime prorated warranty.

Components, such as flashings have a galvalume coating, which has twice the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel.  SuperPro features twist-lock connections; however, locking bands are recommended at each joint for extra security when cleaning and are required on all elbow joints, lengths between elbows, and where the horizontal section of pipe attaches to the tee.

SuperPro is the ultimate in safety and quality with a heat tolerance of 2100°F.  While typical woodstoves generate about 900°F in the stack, and coal only about 135°F, you need the extra safety of the "Pro" in case of dangerous chimney fires.  SuperPro is the only component chimney which gives customers this level of safety-and at a price comparable to other systems offering only a fraction of the protection.

Versatile, Easy to Install

The SuperPro Chimney has deluxe chimney support components that will enhance any installation.  Brass trims are used to embellish the chimney support component parts that can be found inside the home.

Installation of the "Pro" requires only a few hours and a minimum number of tools.  Whether professionally or owner installed, the "Pro" is ideal for today's practical-minded homeowner.  For the homeowner who wants the very best for his home-uncompromising safety, versatility, beauty and economy-SuperPro is the finest available in today's marketplace.

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