Installing a Fireplace Insert in a Factory Built Prefab Fireplace

Posted by The Fireplace & Chimney Store on 29th Sep 2019

If you are going to install a wood burning fireplace insert in a factory built prefab fireplace you need to first determine that the fireplace is certified for this by the manufacturer of the fireplace.  You will then need to insure the fireplace insert you are thinking of installing will fit in the firebox of the fireplace properly.  We strongly recommend getting a fireplace insert that has a 6" exhaust outlet.  You will see the reason for this shortly.

The fireplace will have an insulated class-a chimney system to exhaust the smoke, ash, and fumes from the fireplace when in use.  This chimney system will typically be an 8" or larger chimney.  Since fireplace inserts should have a continuous stainless steel liner attached to them for proper, safe installation we recommend customers use only an insert with 6" liner so this can be done.

A 6" liner can be installed inside of the existing chimney system of the prefab fireplace and connected directly to the fireplace insert.  Click this link for instructions on installing the liner with the correct liner adaptor.  This installation will provide for your safety and will also allow easy cleaning of the chimney in the future.

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