Chimney Shrouds

Posted by Scott Phipps on 5th Jun 2019

One of the biggest complaints I've heard over the years is about how unattractive chimneys are; especially, at the top where the clay flue or metal pipe extends out.  A great solution for this is to use a chimney shroud.

A chimney shroud is decorative and will enhance the appearance of a chimney.  It can also be functional if it is designed as a chimney cap.  Chimney shrouds come in a large variety of shapes and materials.  You can get them in galvanized metal, kynar (colored metal), stainless steel, and copper.  We do not recommend galvanized due to having to paint them every few years.

Make sure that your chimney shroud is fabricated to meet Underwriters Laboratory standards to ensure it does not cause problems that may result in a chimney fire.

All of our shrouds are custom fabricated for your chimney and manufactured in the United States.  Our chimney shrouds are manufactured to Underwriter Laboratory standards.

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