Black Stove Pipe by Ventis

Single Wall Stove Pipe

Ventis Black Single Wall Stove Pipe is one of the best in the industry.  isi

  • Manufactured from Heavy Duty, 22 Gauge, Cold-Rolled Steel.
  • Fume-Free finish eliminates the smell on initial firing.
  • The finish process also gives our pipe a scratch resistant finish!
  • Rust-Free: No need to hide rusty pipes. 
  • Perfectly Round, Perfect Fit Pipe to Pipe with our Butt-welding and forming technology.
  • The best selection of New Telescoping Sections for more convenience.
  • The Industry's first slip connector with Gap Collar.
  • Ten year limited warranty.
  • Premium Packaging ensures product quality during shipment.
  • CANNOT be used for coal.

This is a non-returnable product.

Free shipping within the continental United States.