Pellet Stoves and Pellet Fireplace Inserts

 We carry pellet stoves and inserts manufactured by U.S. Stove, Flame, and Napoleon.  The pellet stoves and inserts are built to give you years of touble free comfort and use.

Burning wood with a pellet stove or insert is usually convenient, neat and safe. These devices usually don’t require refueling more than once a day and the fuel is compressed and bagged for clean and easy storage and handling. Pellet stoves produce virtually no smoke, and produce less odor than other wood-burning appliances. Moreover, the exteriors of these appliances are not used for radiating heat and stay relatively cool, preventing you from burning yourself if you accidentally touch the stove.

Pellet-burning appliances, however, have disadvantages. Before purchasing a pellet-burning appliance, make sure that reliable suppliers of the fuel are in your area. Many of the pellet fuel and pellet stove manufacturers are located in the Northwest and the Rocky Mountain region. There are however, retailers and manufacturers throughout the nation - especially in heavily forested areas. You should be able to find pellet's for your stove by clicking here.

To view a short video on pellet stove installation click here.

All of our pellet stoves and inserts are non-returnable items.