M&G DuraVent - Dura-Tech Chimney

The Factory-Built Chimney System


DuraTech sets the standard in quality and performance for chimney systems.

ThermalTech blanket insulation eliminates hot spots common with loose-fill type insulations - no shifting, settling, or voids.  In the event of a creosote fire, this compressible blanket insulation permits the chimney liner to expand outward.  The free-floating liner also expands lengthwise, eliminating buckling and loss of structural integrity associated with some solid-pack type chimneys.

DuraTech used easy twist-lock connections and is available with stainless or galvanized outer wall.  If your project calls for economy, use galvalume DuraTech where it won't be exposed to weather.  The inner liner is 430-alloy stainless steel.  All outer diameters are 2" larger that the inner diameters.  When double-wall black stovepipe is needed, use Dura-Vent DVL.

Dura-Tech Chimney is tested and listed to the UL 103HT Standard for use with wood, oil, coal, and gas appliances in diameters up to 8".  DuraTech Chimney carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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Please make certain of the size you need and measurements because DuraTech chimney and components are non-returnable.

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