Heat-Fab Chimney Liner

Rigid Stainless Steel


UL listed Heat-Fab Saf-T Liner 24-ga. stainless steel relining pipe. 

Each piece of Saf-T Liner is constructed of seam-welded, 24-ga. 304 alloy stainless steel.  This is for wood burning and carries a lifetime workmanship and material warranty.

Saf-T liner comes pre-drilled, with pop rivets included.  For insulation use Heat-Fab Saf-T Wrap, which are metal-jacketed sections of ceramic blanket that snap and lock around your pipe.

Saf-T Liner is UL Listed to the 1777 Standard (where 1" clearance from chimney exterior to combustibles is present) when Saf-T Wrap Insulation is used.

Heat-Fab Saf-T-Liner installation instructions click here.