Fireplace Tools


Fireplace Tools

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Fireplace Tools and Tricks                                                               

When purchasing your fireplace tools for the first time, consider buying them as a set.  Fireplace tool sets also have the design advantage of matching perfectly right out of the box!

Be aware that when in use, fireplace tools such as pokers and shovels can become extremely hot! Be sure to place these items back on their rack properly when done using them. A hot poker tip can easily catch loose bits of paper or other household debris on fire, or burn a hole in your favorite chair!

Avoid kicking up excess ash and dust when cleaning your fireplace by using slow, steady movements. Sudden moves create fast moving air, which in turn will put ash and other fireplace debris into the air. By merely taking your time, you can severely cut down on indoor air pollution when cleaning your fireplace.

Always put all of your fireplace tools away properly when you are done with them! Almost all fireplace tools are going to be made of metal. As such, these tools can be quite dangerous if just left strewn about the home. Take the time to pick them up, and avoid a potentially life threatening accident! 

 Our fireplace tools are made to last for years and enhance the appearance of your home.  The Woodfield, Minuteman, Uniflame, and pilgrim tools will meet your highest expectation at a reasonable price.

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