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The purpose of a fireplace screens by Uniflame, Pilgrim, Woodfield, and Minuteman are to protect the area immediately beyond the fireplace opening. Screens stop sparks and flying ash from landing on the flooring or furniture and are absolutely essential when using an open faced fireplace. But this accessory is also helpful on more modern models complete with glass doors. 

Whether you have a wood burning fireplace, wood stove or even a gas model, installing a fireplace screen is a wise addition. These items are decorative and functional, creating a safer, more attractive hearth space in your home.

A fireplace screen is a visual reminder of the heat and danger your fireplace presents. Small children and pets can be held back by a properly placed fireplace screen. When opening and closing the doors on your stove or fireplace, the screen will offer protection for the surrounding area as well

It is also recommended by gas log manufacturers that you have a fireplace screen or spark guard with their products to prevent sparks from dust escaping the fireplace.

We have over 100 high quality fireplace screens, designed to last you for years to come and enhance the appearance of your home.