Chimney Flue Liners

We carry a wide range of chimney liners to meet all of your needs.  If you have questions regarding the best type of liner to use in your particular application please feel free to call us at 888-992-9889.


Forever Flex 304L Stainless Steel Appliance Connector Flue Liner Kit - 4" x 15'   Chimney Flue Liner Kit (without Tee) Forever Flex 316 Ti Stainless Steel - 7.5" x 15' up to 50'    Forever Flex Preinsulated Flexible Chimney Liner Kit (without Tee) - 5" x 15' to 40' length     Forever Flex Hybrid 304L Stainless Steel Chimney Liner (only) - 3" diameter   
304 Stainless Steel Liner & Kits 316 Stainless Steel Liners & Kits 316 Pre-insulated Stainless Steel Liners & Kits Smooth Wall Stainless Steel Liners & Kits



Forever Flex Pre-Insulated Hybrid 304L Stainless Steel Liner (only) - 6" diameter     HomeSaver RoundFlex 304-alloy Stainless Liner - 5" x 25' length     HomeSaver FireplaceFlex (304-alloy) - 8" x 12" - per foot     Heat-Fab Stainless Relining Pipe - 6" diameter - 12" length    
Smooth Wall Pre-insulated Liners & Kits HomeSaver Rounflex Heavy Stainless Liners HomeSaver FireplaceFlex Stainless Liners Heat-Fab Rigid Stainless Chimney Linersesatt-Fab 



Selkirk Flexi-Liner Gas Relining Kit - 3" diameter x 15'                   
Aluminum Gas Chimney Liners